Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions include all information about the terms of use of MovieBox. Such as user licenses, user descriptions, modationation, Accuracy of Materials, Disclaimer, Governing Law…

What are Terms & Conditions?

The longer Terms & Conditions are known as the Terms of Use (TOU) and Terms of Service (TOS). It is a collection of all the rules that users must follow when using this website. It also means that when you are using cinemaapk.net, you need to agree to all Terms & Conditions.

1.Introduction to use

When you access the information and content of this website you will need to agree that it is bound by the Terms & Conditions, all the applicable laws, and regulations. And of course, you need to be responsible for complying with the applicable laws.

If you do not agree with any of these terms, you will be rejected when requesting access to the site. You also need to remember that the documents in this site are protected by existing copyright and trademark laws.

2. License of use

You are granted temporary rights to download content from Cinemaapk.net. However, this is only for individuals who are non-commercial individuals. And that is a license to use rather than a transfer of ownership.

Limitations when using a license

  1. You should not copy or modify the content
  2. Do not use this information for any commercial purpose or for any public screen
  3. Try to decompile or design any software available in Cinemaapk.net.
  4. Delete any copyright or proprietary notices from the document.
  5. Transfer this document to anyone else or share it on any other server.

If you violate any of the above, this license will automatically terminate. After the license is terminated, you will have to cancel all contents in electronic format or print.

3. Modationation

Cinemaapk.net reserves the right to modify Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. With this, you agree to be bound and abide by the conditions of the current version of Terms & Conditions.

4. The accuracy of the document

We will not give any guarantee for content on Cinemaapk.net. Shared documents may include technical errors, typing or any other errors. In Terms & Conditions, Cinemaapk.net does not provide any guarantee that the materials on your website are accurate and complete. In addition, we may change the information, content at any time without prior notice. And there is also no commitment to update Cinemaapk.net regularly.

5. Links

Cinemaapk.net will not consider sites that are linked to their website and we will not be responsible for the content of those linked sites. So users have to decide whether to use the content or not.

6. Limitations

Cinemaapk.net and its suppliers will not be allowed to cause damage to the material contained on the site. You should not damage the content on Cinemaapk.net. Even if you notify directly or via mail by the site’s representative.

7. Disclaimer

Documents are provided on Cinemaapk.net based on current information bases and we will not guarantee. And also will not guarantee different sources including commercial conditions or non-infringement of intellectual property rights or intellectual property scope.

We will also not warrant or make any statements regarding the accuracy, or reliability of your use of your website name information. In addition, we will not guarantee the materials associated with this site.

8. Governing Law

Terms & Conditions are built on the basis of the law of the country concerned.

The above is information about Terms & Conditions that you need to ensure and commit to using the information and materials that we share on our website. If you decline these terms, it also means that you are denying access to our site. All Terms & Conditions have been studied based on the current legal system of the countries concerned.