How to download Cinema APK for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

How to download Cinema APK for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Download Cinema APK for iOS will help you own an application that provides a great movie experience and offers the latest TV programs in HD mode. Most importantly, this software is completely free to use and doesn’t need to be jailbroken (A processing trick that helps users interfere with the system to circumvent iOS’s security systems). Therefore, it is completely safe for users to use.

Cinema APK is a perfect entertainment source for all apple users. If you have a MacBook computer, choose to install APK on Mac. As for the version of Windows that is already available, you just need to select Cinema download APK. Therefore, this is a very friendly version and suitable for many types of devices.

No need to jailbreak when downloading

Jailback is a trick that helps users interfere with iOS’s security system. However, it will affect the operation of the machine.

Just like any other APK file, Cinema APK for iOS is also not available for the official version. But don’t worry because the application we introduced below is perfectly appropriate.

As well as having many services available from the App Store, few of them are free. It may require you to pay, or register an account and many other things. This can be detrimental to users and that’s why we recommend a free Cinema APK for all iOS devices. And the most popular and effective application is called “Bobby Movie” A.K.A Coto Movies.

How to download Cinema APK for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

What is “Bobby Movie” A.K.A Coto Movies?

This is an application built on the iOS platform. It aims to provide users with HD movies and TV programs. Through this application, you can also regularly update new content.

Older applications are being replaced gradually by a permanently usable application. And Bobby Movie is the best alternative for applications like Movie Box, Showbox and Terrarium TV. However, a requirement when using this application is that your device must use the operating system iOS version 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. So can the application work maximum efficiency.

How to use the Bobby Movie application

Bobby Movie is a Cinema APK replacement app for iOS. And you can download it and use it without worrying about it being harmful to your device. By 100% you will not need to unlock.

How to install Boby Movie application. Follow the steps we introduce below to download and use this application.

1.Open the Safari web browser on your iOS device. Remember that you are using the latest updated version. Because some older versions may not be supported.

Enter the AppValley website at From the homepage you will see two buttons: Install AppValley and Get Vip. Then click on Install AppValley.

2. Then the program will open the installation window and you need to click Install. However, you need to pay attention to the important steps below: Go to Settings -> General -> Profiles and Device Management.

How to download Cinema APK for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

3. Return to the home screen and open the Appvalley application and double-click the “Trust” button. Then scroll down to search for Bobby Movie and click to open the page to download.

4. Then you touch “Get”. Now it will start installing you need to wait a few seconds.

5. Once again, go back to the home screen and open Bobby Movie. In case it does not open the application, to exit to start this, please allow the application to access your device. The reason for this is because this application untrusted enterprise app.

How to download Cinema APK for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

6. To do this you need to do it: Go to Settings -> General -> Profiles and Device Management -> Bobby Movie and click the Allow button.

7. Now you can open the application and enjoy full HD movies, great programs and more.

Original Cinema APK app for iOS such as iPhone, iPad users have not yet been released. It can be provided in the near future. However, it is not guaranteed and only in the current stage is the Android version released. Therefore, install the Bobby Movies app on your iOS device to use the most convenient services.