Showbox apk – Favorite free movie watching application

Hi everybody. Today, I will introduce you to the app Showbox. Currently, Showbox apk is loved by many young people. ShowBox is an online movie watching application, with many movies or over the world. This app helps people to entertain, feel happy and comfortable.

ShowBox application you do not need to create an account. In the android phone interface, there are many free movies: Action films, cartoons, comedy. Come to Showbox app, you will have exciting moments

Features of Showbox

  • There are more than 20 different genres sure you will be satisfied.
  • Smart feature: Search for the right movie by year
  • Smart search: If you can not remember the name of the movie, you can search on the tool scale, where it will introduce the movie when writing the letters, missed the movie you will want find it.
  • Full HD movie quality: Best quality
  • This is a free movie viewer application, download immediately to android phone

How to download the Showbox application

Before you install the application, you are required to enable the installation of apps from external sources. Select Settings > open Security > permit Unknown Sources

Now click the Below button & download the apk file. If you are not able to download you can scan the below QR code ( provided at the end of the article)

Next, locate the downloaded apk file from the File Location

Click the Showbox apk to prepare the installation. It will ask you to accept the terms and conditions of the app, click Next

Hit the Install button and wait until the installation completes. Press the Open Button and explore the application or you can explore it later by clicking Done.

After that, you are free to choose the best movies you love the most

The above is the basic information about the Showbox application apk. Please download immediately to your android phone to enjoy great feeling with good movies. I wish you always happy and accompany to update the new application. See you later!

Cinema APK for Smart TV – Watch high-quality movies on the big screen

Cinema APK for Smart TV is an optimal method for those who want to watch high-quality movies on the big screen. It will be a great choice and a great experience. When you have a Cinema APK, you will be able to watch the latest movies and TV shows. You can also download and watch later.

To install this application you need to follow the steps that we guide below. If you have ever worked with Firestick, Kodi, Roku, NVidia Shield or Chromecast, the operation of these steps is generally the same. Besides, you also need to remember that these devices are provided for use with TV devices, not Android.

First, you need to remember, Cinema APK is not available on Smart TV and anywhere. So what you need to do is download the app manually. However, you do not need to worry about this because just a few simple steps you can do it.

Step 1: Activate Unknown Sources feature

Unknown Sources feature is an important step when installing the cinema APK on Smart TV. To do this you need to do: Settings> Security & Restrictions

Cinema APK for Smart TV - Watch high-quality movies on the big screen

Step 2: Download ES File Explorer

– You access Google Play Store and search ES Global’s ES File Explorer.

– Then you install it like any other Google Play Store application.

Cinema APK for Smart TV - Watch high-quality movies on the big screen

Step 3: Download Cinema APK on Smart TV with ES File Explorer

– First, open the ES File Explorer application. Then select the Favorite item and select Add.Enter Url at the URL field: In the name filed box, enter Cinema APK on Smart TV. Finally and click on Add.

– You go back to Favorite and enter the bookmark of Cinema APK on Smart TV. Then the Apk files will start downloading. Next, you move to the download folder – where you save the application and click to proceed with the installation.

– You perform the next steps on the screen and complete the application installation. So you have completed the steps to install Cinema APK on Smart TV and can open it for use.

Note: If you have a Pen drive, use a laptop you can download Cinema Apk on PC. Then copy it to the Pen drive. Finally, you connect the Pen drive to your TV, you can install and use it.

Above are detailed instructions for installing Cinema APK on Smart TV. Besides, you also need to remember that this applies not only works on the Smart TV platform but also can be used for normal TV. However, you need to purchase additional streaming devices to support. Cinema APK on Smart TV is an optimal and perfect solution for Smart TVs. Wish you have the best experience with this application.

Instructions on how to install Cinema APK on Firestick (Amazon Fire TV / Cube)

Cinema APK on Firestick is an optimal solution for replacing other entertainment applications. This is one of the most useful and important Android apps that is compatible with many platforms like Roku, Windows, Smart TV, and Firestick. Using this software will help you get great moments of relaxation and relaxation by watching the hottest TV shows and movies.

What is Cinema APK on Firestick?

First, you need to understand what Firestick is. This is hardware developed by Amazone Inc. And it has a way of operating as an interface between your TV and your Android device. In other words, it turns your TV into a way to work as an Android platform.

This device is compact in size and equivalent to many of the current Smart TV Box. It is important to ensure its use.

How to install Cinema APK on Firestick

To install Cinema APK on Firestick you need to pay attention to a point that must allow your device to install the application from unknown sources. Because this is the 3rd application and you cannot play it directly on Firestick.

Instructions on how to install Cinema APK on Firestick (Amazon Fire TV / Cube)

How to turn on the app from Apps from Unknown sources

  1. You turn on Amazone Firestick. Then go to install and click on the device.
  2. You select Develop options and turn on Apps from Unknown sources and ADB Debugging

Note: You need to pay attention whenever you are streaming Cinema APK on Firestick, you need to be assured of the above step. Below we will guide you on how to install Cinema APK on Firestick

Method one: Install Cinema APK on Firestick by Downloader App

With this method, you will not need to use a computer. And instead, you need to use the Downloader application. This is also the easiest method among the methods we introduce below.

1. Install Downloader application

  • After allowing to install applications from an unknown source, go to the main screen and click on the search icon.
  • In which you enter the “Downloader” and search for applications that are researched and developed by Then press twice on the application and hold a time to install.
  • 3. After the installation period, you have successfully installed the Downloader application.
Instructions on how to install Cinema APK on Firestick (Amazon Fire TV / Cube)

2. Download Cinema APK into Downloader App

  • After you finish installing the Downloader application. You move to Firestick’s main screen and app mine up
  • Then click install the application and turn on JavaScript. Note: On the homepage, you can see a dialog box and you enter and press GO.
  • You will then be redirected to the Cinema APK download page. Click download the application and install it.
  • Now go to Hoem Screen of Firestick and you can see the application has been successfully installed. You can then enjoy free and uninterrupted TV movies.
Instructions on how to install Cinema APK on Firestick (Amazon Fire TV / Cube)

Method two: Install Cinema APK on Firestick by ES Explorer

In case the Downloader application does not work, you can still connect to Cinema APK on Firestick. To do this you need to install Cinema APK on Firestick by ES Explorer. It is considered as a copy of Downloader.

Instructions on how to install Cinema APK on Firestick (Amazon Fire TV / Cube)

ES Explorer is a great tool for managing applications and files and you can use it via smartphone or computer.

1.First, proceed to open the main screen of Amazone Firestick and search for ES Explorer. Add applications to favorites. The repository will see a blank link and then enter in the Path box and in the Name entry box Cinema APK. Then select “Add”.

2. Next, you go to favorites and scroll down until you see Cinema APK. And proceed to install it.

3. After installing, go to Home Screen -> Apps. So you have completed the download of Cinema APK on Firestick

Instructions on how to install Cinema APK on Firestick (Amazon Fire TV / Cube)

Method three: Download Cinema APK on Firestick by ADBLink

Unlike other way Cinema APK on Firestick, this way you need to use a computer. And this method also has a different approach than the above methods.

1.You choose to allow the installation of applications from Unknown Resources. Then find the IP address of Amazone Firestick by Settings -> Device -> About -> Network -> IP. Download ADBLink according to your operating system. Download the link below:

2. You will see a dialog box where you proceed to enter the Description as Amazone Fire TV and the address will be Firestick’s IP. Then proceed Save.

3. You click Connect to see the connection status of the device.

4. Then enter the APK settings and upload the Cinema APK from your computer. Once you download successfully, you can access Amazone Firestick and watch movies, free shows.

Cinema APK on Firestick is an effective working application and it is compatible with many devices. And this is also a great and effective alternative for Terrarium TV. You will enjoy the best service and get the best experience when watching movies and programs.

Instructions on how to install Cinema APK on Roku simple

Cinema APK on Roku is an effective solution for those who are looking for the best streaming service to provide the latest movies, TV shows for their Roku devices. And the following article will show you how to install and use it.

What is Cinema APK on Roku?

Roku is a set-top box, is a device that decodes TV signals and then transfers image and audio data on the TV screen. This is also the best content streaming device on the market. The reason for this is because it relies on ensuring that as many applications as possible are available on this platform.

Instructions on how to install Cinema APK on Roku simple

It’s basically the same as Netflix release platforms and other great streaming services. Currently, Roku’s official store is offering premium services and one of them is free. So Cinema APK on Roku is one of the best options for you. And you just need to download the application to Roku and can use it.

How to use Cinema APK on Roku

To be able to stream online on Roku you can search for several methods. However, the way we introduce below will be especially useful to you and simple to implement.

Step 1: Add All Screen Receiver to Roku

To be able to add all screen receivers to Roku you need to access Roku’s store and search for All screen Receiver. When you find the application, click OK. You will then click on Add Channel to add a channel and it will automatically add the channel to your channel list.

Instructions on how to install Cinema APK on Roku simple

ARC (Audio Return Channel) is a feature that basically uses an additional composite audio cable system or an optical cable to connect to an Audio / Video (A / V) receiver or surround sound system with a TV. It is basically used to transfer music, videos, photos or other intermediate devices between Roku and mobile devices.

Step 2: Install All Screen (Chromecast, DLNA, Roku)

All Screen is an Android application and in combination with All Screen, Receiver can transmit content from mobile to Roku.

To install this application, please access the Play Store and search for All Screen then proceed to install it.

Step 3: Open the Cinema APK on your phone

If you already have this application installed on your mobile phone, open it and install it now. Select Open with … and select All Screen as a media player

Instructions on how to install Cinema APK on Roku simple

Note: You need to be aware that both devices need to connect to the same wifi

This is a simple way that we introduce you to broadcast Cinema APK on Roku. There are many applications that are similar to Cinema HD, BeeTV, Showbox, MovieBox … However, Showbox is a better and more important option that provides applications for you without charge. So you can be completely assured to use this application.

Download Cinema APK for PC / Laptop (Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / XP) for free

Cinema APK for PC / Laptop will be an effective solution for you. Because why you have to watch on the small screen while you can fully use this application with the PC version. Once you have Cinema APK on Android, you can also use them on your computer. However, until now, you cannot have an exe file directly to install. So to download Cinema APK for PC you will need to take some steps.

Benefits of using Cinema APK for PC

Cinema APK for PC will help you get a better experience on a larger screen. And you will get comfortable moments when watching your favorite movies and shows on a larger screen. Imagine you are watching your favorite movie or program with your family and friends. It’s great, right?

Looking for how to download Cinema APK for PC? Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to use this application on your Windows versions. However, you need to use different solutions to install Cinema APK for PC with Windows version 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP.

How to download Cinema APK for PC

The first thing you need to pay attention to, the methods and methods we introduce below are completely safe for your computer. Even if you are using a computer running Windows XP operating system.

Because Cinema APK is an android application, you cannot install it directly on your computer, so you need to take some steps to install it. Of course, what you need is some advanced tools or interfaces.

Download Cinema APK for PC / Laptop (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP) for free

There are many ways you can download Cinema APK for PC:

  1. Android Emulators
  2. ARC Welder (Chrome Book)

However, whatever method you want to use, the first thing you need to do is download the Cinema APK application for your computer. And you also need to note, this application needs to be saved on your local disk. We guarantee you will not need to worry about your computer is vulnerable.

Method 1: Installing Cinema APK for PC by Using Android Emulators

What are Android Emulators?

Android Emulators is a handy software that will help you create an Android environment on your computer. And there are also lots of Android Emulators such as Nox App Player, Genymotion, Bluestacks, Remix OS, Android Studio …

However, with installing Cinema APK for this PC, we will guide you how to use Bluestacks and Nox App. By two Android Emulators this will make your work easier and easier. In addition, at the current stage, most people are using Cinema APK on 2 Android Emulators.

Cinema APK for PC by BlueStacks

BlueStacks is a leading emulators and is the current trend. Because its user interface is very simple and easy to use.

Download Cinema APK for PC / Laptop (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP) for free

1.You need to install BlueStacks on your computer and if you have not already installed, click on the icon below:

2. After downloading, install it by logging into your Google account.

3. Then go to Cinema APK File Location and press settings. You need to wait a while for the application to be completely installed. Then double-click Cinema APK icon to launch it on your computer. Now you can use and enjoy utility services like HD movies, the latest TV shows and much more.

4. Above is how to Install Cinema APK for PC. However, it also has some limitations. For example, technology enthusiasts are complaining about their crash. So you can choose another interface to use.

Cinema APK for PC by Nox App Player

Nox App Player also has the same operating platform as BlueStacks. However, it has the main advantage that you can optionally configure the external and it also allows you to root the emulator. Then you just need to wait and the emulator will install the application.

Download Cinema APK for PC / Laptop (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP) for free

1.You open Nox App Player and if you do not have it, you can click on the icon below to download.

Download Cinema APK for PC / Laptop (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP) for free

2. After that, to be able to use the Nox App Player you need to log in with your Google account. And launch it.

3. Next, scroll to the location file where you saved the Cinema APK and drag and drop the file into the Nox App Player. Then just wait a while for it to install. After installation is complete, when you visit the Nox home page, you will see the Cinema APK application installed on your computer.

Method 2: Installing Cinema APK for PC using Arc Welder Extension

This way you will not need to use Emulators or any 3rd party applications. Because this is a Google Chrome extension, And it is very simple and easy. If you are concerned about safety and reliability when using third-party applications, you can apply this approach. All you need is to use Chrome as your browser.

Download Cinema APK for PC / Laptop (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP) for free

Installing ARC Welder Chrome Extension

1.You open up the Google Chrome browser and go to Apps -> Web Store. From Web Store, proceed to select Arc Welder Chrome. Then click Add to Chrome. Please wait a moment for the application to install on the system.

2. After installation is complete, you can see the ARC Welder icon in Chrome.

3. Launch the application and use it.

Adding Cinema APK to ARC Welder

1.You access Apps -> ARC Welder, then a window will open and click on Add your APK. Then navigate to Cinema APK location file and proceed to add this file.

2. You wait for a time for Cinema APK to be opened on your computer. You can then adjust some customizations. So you can launch Cinema APK to keep track of the most popular programs and movies.

Installing Cinema APK for PC is not as difficult as you think. Just a few simple steps you can install this application on your PC. And you do not need to worry about the risks when using. However, you should choose the best method for your PC. Because of that, you will be simpler in how to install and easy to use. Wishing you to install and use this application successfully to get the most comfortable watching movies.

How to download Cinema APK for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Download Cinema APK for iOS will help you own an application that provides a great movie experience and offers the latest TV programs in HD mode. Most importantly, this software is completely free to use and doesn’t need to be jailbroken (A processing trick that helps users interfere with the system to circumvent iOS’s security systems). Therefore, it is completely safe for users to use.

Cinema APK is a perfect entertainment source for all apple users. If you have a MacBook computer, choose to install APK on Mac. As for the version of Windows that is already available, you just need to select Cinema download APK. Therefore, this is a very friendly version and suitable for many types of devices.

No need to jailbreak when downloading

Jailback is a trick that helps users interfere with iOS’s security system. However, it will affect the operation of the machine.

Just like any other APK file, Cinema APK for iOS is also not available for the official version. But don’t worry because the application we introduced below is perfectly appropriate.

As well as having many services available from the App Store, few of them are free. It may require you to pay, or register an account and many other things. This can be detrimental to users and that’s why we recommend a free Cinema APK for all iOS devices. And the most popular and effective application is called “Bobby Movie” A.K.A Coto Movies.

How to download Cinema APK for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

What is “Bobby Movie” A.K.A Coto Movies?

This is an application built on the iOS platform. It aims to provide users with HD movies and TV programs. Through this application, you can also regularly update new content.

Older applications are being replaced gradually by a permanently usable application. And Bobby Movie is the best alternative for applications like Movie Box, Showbox and Terrarium TV. However, a requirement when using this application is that your device must use the operating system iOS version 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. So can the application work maximum efficiency.

How to use the Bobby Movie application

Bobby Movie is a Cinema APK replacement app for iOS. And you can download it and use it without worrying about it being harmful to your device. By 100% you will not need to unlock.

How to install Boby Movie application. Follow the steps we introduce below to download and use this application.

1.Open the Safari web browser on your iOS device. Remember that you are using the latest updated version. Because some older versions may not be supported.

Enter the AppValley website at From the homepage you will see two buttons: Install AppValley and Get Vip. Then click on Install AppValley.

2. Then the program will open the installation window and you need to click Install. However, you need to pay attention to the important steps below: Go to Settings -> General -> Profiles and Device Management.

How to download Cinema APK for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

3. Return to the home screen and open the Appvalley application and double-click the “Trust” button. Then scroll down to search for Bobby Movie and click to open the page to download.

4. Then you touch “Get”. Now it will start installing you need to wait a few seconds.

5. Once again, go back to the home screen and open Bobby Movie. In case it does not open the application, to exit to start this, please allow the application to access your device. The reason for this is because this application untrusted enterprise app.

How to download Cinema APK for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

6. To do this you need to do it: Go to Settings -> General -> Profiles and Device Management -> Bobby Movie and click the Allow button.

7. Now you can open the application and enjoy full HD movies, great programs and more.

Original Cinema APK app for iOS such as iPhone, iPad users have not yet been released. It can be provided in the near future. However, it is not guaranteed and only in the current stage is the Android version released. Therefore, install the Bobby Movies app on your iOS device to use the most convenient services.

Cinema APK -Downloading free movie viewing applications (latest official version)

Cinema APK is a free movie viewing application. Just install this application you can watch your favorite movies. The advantage is that you can watch movies with high resolution, latest updates and it is also suitable for many devices. Especially this is a completely free and user-friendly application for users.

What is Cinema APK (Cinema HD)?

Maybe you don’t know, Terrarium TV is a movie collection application from many sources for users to easily follow. However, after turning off Terrarium TV, users began searching for the best alternative entertainment applications and Cinema APK that has grown and is trusted by that word.

Cinema APK is a perfect TV / Program organizer and movie tool. It can be a replacement for any application but still ensures the user’s performance and user needs. Besides the name Cinema APK, it is also known as Cinema HD or HDMovies.

With this application, you can download the latest TV programs, high-definition movies, updates from your device. A special feature of this application is that it is almost compatible with all types of devices. Besides, it allows you to use for free, without registration and without a credit card. Only if you install the application is it possible to update unlimited content for your device. It’s easy, isn’t it?

 Download CinemaBox APK for Android (Latest version)

Devices manufactured with Android operating systems are very popular. So if you also own an Android device, you can still download the Cinema APK to your device.

You only need to download the latest version of this application. After downloading, proceed to install it on any android device and can use it. Here is the live file of Cinema APK last version.


  • Application name: Cinema APK
  • Version name: 1.4.3
  • Latest update: February 4, 2019
  • Requirements: Android 4.1 and above
  • File size: 15.6 MB

Instructions on how to install Cinema APK

Download the APK file from the link above

Select the download location and find the downloaded file. Then open the application and click Settings

Select Allow and then press OK

You enable the Unknown Sources features feature for this application. To do that, follow the instructions below: Apps & Notifications -> Cinema HD -> Advanced -> Install Unknows Apps

Go back to the main screen and open the application and enjoy broadcasting HD videos.

cinema apk

Broadcast from any device and anywhere

Cinema APK can work well on supported devices including Android, Amazon Firestick, Kodi, Roku, Smart TV, and Nvidia Shield. However, currently, Cinema version APK for the iOS operating system is not available. So you can use some alternative apps to try the iPhone or iPad.

Features and characteristics:

1.100% free:

You do not need to register or sign up for 100% free and no ads.

2. Latest Movies, TV Shows

Watch thousands of free HD movies and TV shows. Regular updates with new content. You can also track movie details such as posters, trailers, release dates, and ratings.

3. Favorite

Save all the things you like and see them later. You can access this section anytime you want.

4. User-friendly

This application is very user-friendly, it is designed to be simple and extremely easy to use. And you can easily find or navigate content. The user experience for this version is great.

5. Offline / Download

The application allows users to download all the latest HD movies on their device and watch offline. This will be useful when you travel or go out and still be able to watch them without the Internet.

6. Other features

More than 60 categories for both shows and movies. You can select the default video player from Movie player, YesPlayer, MX Player and VLC. In addition, you can also choose the default language, color, and font.

Frequently asked Questions

1.What are the benefits of Cinema APK application?

Unlike other apps, with
Cinema APK allows users to stream the latest programs and movies. And the main point and main advantage of this application are never turn off and it is completely free to use.

2. Which platform devices can run the application?

This application is fully compatible most on Android devices. And to boot this application on other platforms you need to follow certain guidelines.

3. Is the application safe to use?

The answer is Yes. There are no problems with the device, malware and it does not harm your device until now. However, you need to learn more about Copyright content policy is concerned.

4. How can I transfer movies on Smart TV using this application?

View its content on Smart TV now easily with Amazon Firestick, Chromecast or Downloader application. However, you need to remember that it only works on Android Smart TV.

5. Where to download the latest version of the application?

You can completely download the latest updates of Cinema APK. However, please abide by the policies and update the news more often.

6. Can I watch 4K videos?

Yes. However, it also depends on the stream providers

7. How do I have a premium version without ads?

No Cinema version APK Pro official to watch without advertising. However, you can also reduce ads by using YesPlayer.

8. Is it compatible with Chromecast?

Unfortunately, no. But you can also stream from Android to Chromecast using the AllCast application.

Cinema APK is a free movie viewer application and you can completely follow your favorite movies. Besides, it is compatible with most Android devices, so you can easily download and use. Moreover, the application is also very user-friendly, so you can use them easily. If you have any information or questions please contact email